Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get paid?

All the profits you accumulate on the platform can be withdrawn to your Faucetpay wallet, which is the withdrawal method we recommend and have by default. Make sure to complete your profile first by adding the email that is linked to your Faucetpay account in the withdrawal method. Payments will be issued in Litecoin.

2. What is the minimum to request a payment?

Right now we don´t have a minimum to request a payment.

You can withdraw your fund when you want.

We only accept payments to Faucetpay account.

We warn that we can change these payment methods whenever we want without prior notice, for more information see the terms and services page

3. Can I advertise my site?

On the Silver Ads platform we accept ads from similar pages and applications, cryptocurrency casinos, exchange houses, faucets, Google Forms, YouTube videos, Telegram communities...
It is prohibited to promote adult content pages. Your ad will be rejected.

Some ads require prior approval from us, please be patient.

Some of the ads displayed may redirect to another url of the same root, this may cause the ad payment to be rejected. Make sure that the advertised page does not have redirects and is supported by most browsers.

We are not responsible for third-party pages displayed on our website. Please be responsible and study each project and application very well before spending time or money on it.

4. How I can advertise?

To purchase an advertisement, go to the Advertise Panel area once you have logged in to your account.

You must first add funds to your purchasing account in order to add a new listing. Find the link in your dashboard once you are logged in to your account.

You can add funds from your Faucetpay account or you can use the earnings generated on the platform.

Your ad must contain a title and a brief description of its content.

Once added you have to add credits to your ad for it to receive views.

Your ad may need to be reviewed and may not receive immediate approval.

5. How it works?

This platform is called Paid to click site. That is, you receive earnings by clicking on the ads displayed on it. In the top menu of the interface you will see that we have a section called Earn Money. Here you have all the options available to make money.

Watching ads, watching video ads, completing tasks, completing offers, claiming in the Faucet, mini-games...

The more time you spend on these tasks, the greater the accumulated earnings. You can recommend our page to your friends and family to receive rewards for your efforts.

6. How much can I earn?

The amount of Litecoin you can earn is unlimited. Your earnings are related to the work and dedication you put into it. Likewise, some offers may not fit your profile and you will be rejected from them. We suggest you visit us every day to recomplete all tasks like text ads and video ads.
Ads reset every day at 00:00 PM UTC and allow you to accumulate earnings again.

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